About the Project

One of the hurdles to the effective practice of marketing, and in particular marketing accountability, is the lack of agreed-upon common language and definitions of marketing activities and metrics. The objectives of the "Common Language In Marketing" project are:
  • to eliminate the ambiguity and definitional differences between functions within and across firms and their partners
  • to encourage trust and collaboration within and across functional areas in organizations, the marketing industry and the broader business community
  • to enhance marketing measurement and accountability through a commonly understood language of marketing

The Common Language in Marketing website is an ongoing and comprehensive encyclopedia of globally relevant and standardized marketing terms, activities, metrics, and systems. This open-source, curated library of definitions combines the insights of leading marketing academics, industry trade associations, and subject matter experts with input from the broader community. These terms are endorsed, owned, and supported by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), the American Marketing Association (AMA), the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and the Marketing Science Institute. This dictionary of marketing terms is maintained and updated by MASB and editorially supported by the expertise of members, both academic and practitioner.